Chloë is an experimental composer and free-improviser based in Canberra. Her compositions explore varying degrees of openness, which encourages meaningful relationships between the sounds, performer, and the composer; and creates temporally fluid and texturally complex sound environments. She is interested in a wide range of sound sources including traditional instruments, found objects, toys, and electronic media. Her works have been performed at various venues around Australia and she has had pieces performed by ensembles such as The NOISE, Ensemble Offspring, and Uncut Percussion, as well as notable performers such as Graeme Jennings and David Pereira.

She is a member of the Experimental Music Studio, which is an ensemble that performs open works and free improvisation. They have performed at various festivals in the ACT and NSW including You Are Here, Art Not Apart, Canberra International Music Festival, Electrofringe, Siteworks, and SoundOut.

Awards and prizes include the ANU CALC Creative Arts Composition Competition award (Canberra); finalist in the Kozani International Music Seminar Composition Competition (Greece); 2nd place in the Matt Withers Young Australian Music Composition Competition (Canberra); Fairweather Family Prize for Student Composers (Sydney); and the Harold Wesley Allen Memorial Prize for composition (Canberra, 2010-2011).

Chloë has completed a Bachelor of Music with first class honours and is currently a composition PhD candidate at the Australian National University. She has been an awarded member of the Golden Key International Honours Society since 2012 in recognition of her academic excellence and was also awarded the Australian Postgraduate Award scholarship to support her PhD research.

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