Insect Reflection, for guitar (2014). 2nd Place in the Matt Withers Young Australian Music Composition Competition, 2014

In Nothing Flat, for tuba (2014)

G Final Frontier, for bassoon and digital delay (2011). Winner of the ANU CALC Creative Arts Composition Competition, 2014

Gradation, for piano (2011)

Precipice, for carillon (2011)

Dharma, for clarinet (2010)


Three-Storey Monsters, for flute & cello (2014). Finalist in the Kozani International Music Seminar Composition Competition.

Yen and Yen, cello duet (2013).

Caged, five duets for oboe & clarinet (2012)

Cockatoo Meeting Outside Project Lighting, for piccolo & bassoon (2010)

Bird-Like, clarinet duet (2009)


Spectrum, for Ensemble Offspring (clarinet, cello, & percussion) (2016)

Small Sounds and Silence, for three people (2015)

Tricycle, for toy trio (2015)

Euclidean Space, for violin, cello & piano (2014)


Modified Mobile, for clarinet, piano, percussion, & cello (2015)

Accretion, for The NOISE (string trio) and laptop (2015)

C4, for three pitched instruments & percussion (2014)

Perks for Perc’s, for percussion quartet (2012)

Possibility Seventeen, for three violins & cello (2012)

Everyone’s a Builder, But Me, for percussion quartet (2010)


Delphic, for flute, bass clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, and cello (2016). Recorded by Ensemble Offspring, 2016.

Definitions: Some Assembly Required, for toy instruments and tape (2015)

Origami, for toy ensemble (2014)

Borrowed Time, for toy ensemble (2014)

The Secret Fantasy of Snailsfor wind quintet (2011). Winner of the Fairweather Family Prize for Student Composers, 2012

Pomona, for soprano voice, flute, clarinet, tenor saxophone, & rain stick (2009)

Six or more performers

Numbers and Nepotism, for 7 voices (2016)

DeBachery, for 9 performers (asax, bsax, hn, tpt, trbn, tuba, perc, pno, DB) (2012)

The Pit and the Pendulum, for 16-17 performers (picc., afl, ob, EH, bsn., hn, trbn, tuba, perc (1-2)., vln (2), vla, vlc,  DB (2)) (2012)

Symphonic Ironic, for 7 performers (cl, tsax, tpt, gong, vib, vln, DB) (2011)

A, for 6 female alto voices (2010)

Fattebluski, for 14 performers (fl (2), ob, bsn (2), hn, pno, vln (4), vlc, DB) (2008)


Binsfeld’s Demons, for chamber orchestra (wind:; hn: 2, strings: (2014)

Symphony No. 1: Pancha Mahabhuta, for Orchestra (2013)


Palindrome, for four or more performers (2017)

Gestalts, open instrumentation (2017)

Colourless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously, for large ensemble (2016)

Circles, for any number of humans or animals (2015)

White Collarfeat. poetry of J. M. Donellan, for toy instruments and reciter (2015)

The Artist’s Prayer, feat. poetry of J. M. Donellan, for toy instruments and reciter (2015)


Just One Sentence (2016)

Broken Boxes (2015)

The Slant (2012)

Odd Conversation (2011)

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