toys rehearse
The EMS Toy Ensemble rehearsing for Speakerbox. Image by Charles Martin.

“Scissors Paper Pen and hellosQuare were commissioned by Noted and You Are Here to connect local experimental musicians and writers to explore the intersections between words and sound. This is not just lyrics and scores, this is collaboration at the edges: reverberations, whistling words and new noise fusions”. (http://www.thestreet.org.au/?page=speakerbox)

The Toy Ensemble and J.M. Donellan performing at Speakerbox. Image by Alexander Hunter.

I was paired with writer, musician, slam poet, radio DJ and teacher J.M. Donellan. Donellan and the Toy Ensemble premiered two new works (The Artist’s Prayer and White Collar) on the weekend (March 22), a fusion of experimental sounds and poetry. Check out the fruits of our labour here.

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