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Making Waves

It’s been a long while since this website has been updated, which is not to say that I haven’t been keeping busy! Compositionally? Not so much…though I’m looking forward to putting pencil to manuscript very soon! Last year was spent working hard on my PhD thesis and portfolio, as well as doing a few improvised performances (a highlight being the EMS’s performance at Soundscapes), and…having a baby!

Though things have quietened down a little on the composition front of late, I have been lucky enough to have a work included in the Making Waves playlist this month:

Waves of Consciousness (February 2019)

I’m looking forward to getting back in the swing of things soon!

In Flux

Over the weekend (May 21, 2017), the ANU New Music Ensemble joined the Canberra Experimental Music Studio for an afternoon of new and improvised music. We performed pieces by Marcello Messina, Gunnar Karel Másson, John Teske, James Saunders, and EMS’s own Ben Keough, Will Houghton, and myself.

You Are Here, 2017

The You Are Here festival in Canberra is a five-day event that showcases local experimental artists (this year running April 5–9). As a part of this festival I participated in the event, ‘A Bunch of A5s’, which was a unique musical experience for everyone involved. Reuben Ingall (the brains of the operation) commissioned four local composers (including myself) to write a composition. The twist was that the composition had to fit on an A5 piece of paper and the performers would be a group of untrained musicians who only had a couple of minutes to prepare. It was a really fun night!


Art, Not Apart 2017

The Experimental Music Studio performed at the Art, Not Apart festival, March 18, 2017. We interspersed ourselves in the Maze Garden in the New Acton Precinct (Canberra) and played for five hours straight (well…in shifts). And when I say interspersed, I mean we were literally spread out in the nooks and crannies of the garden, creating an interesting surround sound experience. We played a wide range of instruments including acoustic, found objects, and electronics.

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