You Are Here 2016

You Are Here is a festival that celebrates local experimental artists and the Canberran underground creative culture as a whole. Over the span of a week, various artists present their work in non-traditional venues and city spaces around town.

everything at once image
“Everything At Once And All Together”, at the You Are Here festival 2016. Photo by Sarah Walker

During the festival, the EMS performed at Everything at Once and All Together, in Varity Lane, Civic (15 April). Inspired by John Cage’s, Musicircus, it featured performances, music, and installations from over 30 artists, including us. Our set featured video projections accompanied by spoken word, synthesisers, acoustic and electric instruments, as well as toy instruments.


house gig YAH image
“Let’s Stay In Tonight” at the You Are Here Festival, 2016. Photo by Sarah Walker

On 16 April, the EMS jumped over to O’Connor to perform in somebody’s home as a part of Let’s Stay In Tonight. For our set, At Home, we performed in the kitchen and living room (simultaneously), making music with an assortment of household objects.


pieces cars image
The audience at Pieces For Cars, Tunnel, and Hexagonal Vents”. Photo by Adam Thomas

A new electronic work of mine, Just One Sentence, was also premiered at the festival (17 April) as a part of Pieces For Cars, Tunnel, and Hexagonal Vents (this event was the brainchild of friend and colleague, Ben Drury). The audience experienced the compositions from above (heard through hexagonal air vents), as the electronic pieces were played from car stereos in the tunnel beneath them.

Prior to the festival, Alec Hunter, Ben Drury, and myself were interviewed by Evana Ho from ArtSound FM about our involvement in the festival. Check out the interview here:

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