Radio Silence Over…

Here a few things that I have been involved with in the last couple of months (or so…):

On 31 August I hosted an experimental music concert: the ANU New Music Ensemble performed works by some old hats, Earle Brown and Morton Feldman, as well as recent works by Marcello Messina, and ANU’s own Tom Connell and myself.

On September 3, I was a part of the 21st Annual Precipice Performance event in Canberra. Ben Drury, Richard Johnson and I performed an improvised set with some talented experimental dancers and performance artists.

On September 24, the EMS crew and I performed with Martyn Jolly at the Siteworks festival at the Bundanon Trust. Our performance, ‘Tragic Drowning Fatality’, involved thirty original magic lantern slides from the 1880s to the 1920s (Martyn Jolly), six actors from the region who read actual testimony of a double drowning that occurred in the Shoalhaven River in 1922, and EMS members (Andy Ryan, Jack Livingston, Ben Harb, Alec Hunter, and myself) accompanying the action with some amazing music composed by Dr Alec Hunter.

Also, I recently had the opportunity to have a piece of mine (‘Delphic’, for pierrot ensemble) recorded by Ensemble Offspring! Stay tuned to hear the recording.

Later in November…
I’m looking forward to travelling to Brisbane to share some of my works with the crew at the Conservatory of Music. I will also be presenting a paper at the ANU Postgraduate Symposium. More on these exciting things later…

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